presence in international events

The report of the Asan Company presence in the second meeting of the three decades of Iran's economic resistance

The second meeting of three decades of Iranian economic resistance with the presence of public and private sector activists , Internal and internationally recognized faculty members, country and provincial authorities , On October 27, 1396, was held at the Center for International Conferences of the Tehran cultural Foundation. The result is more than a year of research in the field of marketing and experience
In fact, Asan expo is a permanent international cyberspace exhibition that provides suitable Infrastructure to introduce Iranian products internationally.
This Company has started its activities with the aim of gathering information of major buyers and sellers in Iran and other countries of the region in the form of an international B2B. 

Asan Expo Company participated in this great national conference to provide its special services in the following fields:

Brokerage sales of products and servicesBusiness services complete database
Introduce products with  5  International languages​
Holding B2 B meetings
Provide international payment solutions
Introducing products at Asan Expo exhibitions
Holding campaigns and media ads
Information service for domestic and foreign tenders

During the conference and visit of exhibition, visitors and consumers welcomed the company booth through direct communication with the managers to exchange views, viewpoints, negotiations and business interactions.
It should be noted that at the end of the conference, the company was honored to receive the statue and the memorial plaque of Zarrin from this national conference.


The presence of Asan intelligent service development in the first seminar on export marketing, investment and technology exchange with the approach to developing interactions and exchanges in the Middle East 

According to Asan Expo public relation department, the first seminar on export marketing, investment and technology exchange with the approach to developing business interactions and exchanges took place on November 11, 1396 at the International Exhibition Center of Mashhad. 

Regard to this report, some of the topics of this seminar is:

The use of labor, and creating employment and workshops and small industries with early shared returns
Knowledge transfer, Technology and scientific and industrial experience
Introducing the goods and superior service of each country for export to the target countries market
Iran's Advantages for Export and Joint Investments and technology exchange to Regional Countries
Needs and expectations of customers and major competitors of Iran

According to Asan Expo public relation department, Engineer Amin Sanjarrani, Managing Director of Asan intelligent service development Company as one of the top companies in the seminar, describes the activities of the international Asan expo virtual exhibition. Also he added: seller can translate product specifications into 5 international languages with the ability to insert more than 55 products on the site, the ability to insert images, videos, catalogs and certifications for each product, also to search the product in the categories of related products and services to be seen by major buyers around the world.
In this regard, the booth of the company attracted and welcome of the factories and manufacturing and service companies from the country
At the end of the ceremony, the Asan intelligent service development Company was honored as the top investor in the field of investment attraction and trade exchanges